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Top Eleven 2016 Hack

How To Use Top Eleven 2016 Hack

Our team has managed to create a hack for Top Eleven 2016. Easy to use, stable in all operating systems, with Top Eleven 2016 Hack you can add unlimited Tokens and Cash to your account for free*.

VERY IMPORTANT: 100% undetectable, no risk to get banned !


1.Access official site for Top Eleven 2016 Hack:
2.Start Top Eleven 2016 Hack (You can choose between the 2 available servers: EU Server or US Server)
3.Enter your Username/E-mail for Top Eleven 2016
4.Enter the amount of Tokens and Cash that you want
5.Press "Start" button
6.Wait a few seconds, the hack connects to game database to update the amount of Tokens and Cash for your account
7.Due to increasing use and to prevent the abuse of this hack, we have implemented human verification system
8.To continue hack process please complete this human verification check (usually you must complete a short offer)
9.Wait a few seconds, the hack will encrypt data and will check for errors
10.A message box will announce that Tokens and Cash were added
11.Play Top Eleven 2016 and enjoy your new amount of Tokens and Cash

Targeted: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices

Supported operating systems:

Desktop/Laptop: All versions of windows (Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10) (x86/x64), Linux, Macintosh, Other operating systems.

Mobile devices: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry

Details about Human Verification System:

-This verification helps us to prevent spam and abuse of this hack
-In addition supports our work to create and permanently update the hack
-After completion, hack process will continue and you will get all the resources
-This verification no longer appear once you have made a human check for your Username/E-Mail
-In this case you can use the hack many times without human check verification
-If you want to use the hack for another Username/E-Mail you must perform human verification

team CORE, thanks you for using this hack and wishes you pleasant use and good luck in the game !

*Using this software is free, only under certain conditions imposed by the developer. Most times, depending on usage and users origin country, it's possible to check the users to prevent malicious use and abuse of this cheat !

Top Eleven Tokens and Cash Hack Generator 2016

Free Top Eleven Token Hack Generator has definitely developed for people which do not like to pay for tokens or cash.Tehnique of this Top Eleven Cheat is really basic. Top Eleven Tokens and Cash is stored in a database on official Top Eleven site.. That database is described as "SQL1" data base.. Every information is saved there. Our programmers create a secret TCPX connection with Top Eleven server and use their data inside..Example if your email is "" and you have a small number of Tokens and Cash? Using our Top Eleven Token Hack Generator will create a undercover connection to Top Eleven Servers and find your email in this case "" .. If e-mail be found you will easily generate free tokens and cash! Of course our Top Eleven Token Hack Generator will generate the number of tokens and cash that you selected. Our Top Eleven Token Hack Online Generator works on all operating systems include (all mobile systems).. So, what are you waiting for?? Use our Top Eleven hack and play this game like a boss!


The only thing you need to do is to select number of tokens and cash that you want and to enter your e-mail.. After that just press "Generate Button" and the rest is our job..Very simple, do you agree? After generating a tokens and cash you will see "Activate Button" and social share buttons.. Click on the share button and share this awesome Top Eleven Hack with your friends and then simply click "Activate Button" to activate and receive your tokens and cash.. That is all, enjoy!

About Top Eleven Game

If you do not know nothing about Top Eleven game (Top Eleven Football Manager) is, it is a simulator football manager online that was developed and published by Nordeus a social game network. Launched in May 2010, it is now one of the most popular games. You can start playing Top Eleven for free but the tokens and cash is the problem and Never Enough. But that is not a problem anymore with our Top Eleven Hack! Top Eleven Hack was developed for people who do not have a lot of money and can afford much more tokens and cash. Enjoy with our Top Eleven Generator as we enjoy watching your team how grows and wins in Top Eleven!

What's The Difference Between Champions League and Cup?

I just got seeded into the Final 16 of the Champions League. I'm an L23 manager. Every other team, except one, is L24. I thought the point of finishing Top 4 in the League was to play similar level managers. I thought playing the Cup was to play evenly matched teams, no matter the level of the manager.

BTW: My Cup draw for the Final 16 has me and 7 others at L23, 7 at L24 and one team with an L25 manager.

How do i spot the fast trainers? (lvl 19) - top eleven 2016


I know that they come from random clubs (you can tell by the clubname), but since almost every player have a value of 104-106M, how do you spot the fast trainers and the REALLY fast trainers? Almost every player also have the same wage/salary, so you really can't go for that either (high value, low wage/salary was usually a fast trainer).

How do you guys spot the talented young players and what do you go for?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Top Eleven 2015 Hack Cheats Tool V5.2.6

The Top Eleven 2015 Hack makes it possible that you can basically receive an unlimited number of free Tokens and Cash with regard to Top Eleven 2015 within somewhat amount of time and minimal effort at most. The Top Eleven 2015 Cheat is completely absolve to use and you may generate as much Tokens and Cash because you desire. If you would like to receive more Tokens and Cash for Top Eleven 2015 while using the Top Eleven 2015 Hack Tool then feel liberated to simply use the Top Eleven 2015 Cheats again. Be sure to follow the instructions while using the Top Eleven 2015 Hack Tool to make sure every works out fine and you’ll receive your free of charge Tokens and Cash. The Top Eleven 2015 Hack Tool work for Android, iOS and Facebook which you choose before using the hack.
The Top Eleven 2015 Hack is working as of: March 19th, 2015
About Top Eleven 2015 Game :
Top Eleven offers the real football management experience to its global community of 100 million registered players. You will enjoy all aspects of managing a football club – create and train your team, bid for talented players in the live transfer market and compete with other managers in League, Cup and Champions League fixtures. Help your players improve their skills, work your way up the leaderboards and unlock incredible achievements. These are just some of the many amazing features you will experience once you play the completely new upgrade of Top Eleven 2015.
Play your favourite football management game on the web and mobile with your friends for free. New Top Eleven 2015 is optimized for tablets and offers you richer experience than ever before.
Take your players’ skills to the next level and create winning formations in our improved squad management system.
Sign talented players to help you dominate the leaderboards.
Enjoy developing amazing stadium and surrounding facilities in stunning ground overview, more detailed than ever.
Give real-time orders and support your team in competition and friendly matches.
New Top Eleven 2015 now features official items of more than 28 clubs from Premier league, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, MLS and many others.
Manage the team in your own language. Top Eleven 2015 brings you unforgettable experience in more than 40 languages.

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Top Eleven Football manager cheats

Top eleven tokens hack

This Top Eleven Hack has been developed for people who do not want to pay for tokens or cash. principle of this generator is actually quite simple. The first eleven chips and the amount of cash each account is stored in a database. This database is called the "SQL Database." All the information is stored there and each type in its own column. One of our developers have managed to establish a stealthy TCP connection with Top Eleven Server and manipulate the data inside. Let's say your email is "" and you have 0 tokens or cash. Our Top Eleven Cash and Token Generator will establishes a stealth connection database and searches for "". If it finds the email, it will search the column for Top Eleven Cash or Tokens and will generate it. Afterwards, it will add the amount of your choice to the base data and boom you have your first top eleven tokens or cash. Top Eleven Token Cash or Tokens Generator now works on all operating systems except Mac and Linux. So what are you waiting for? Check out our top eleven cash and tokens generator.

How this work?
Everything you need to do is to choose how many cash or tokens you want and to insert your email, then click on generate and the rest of the work will do our system. After generating cash and tokens you will see activate button. Everything you need to do there is to share your referal link with your friends or maybe to share it on some site. With 5 shares you can unlock the activate button. When u click Activate our system will add instantly your chosen tokens or cash. After that you will enjoy in playing Top Eleven.

More about Top Eleven
If you do not know what Top Eleven (Top Eleven Cash and Tokens) is, it is a simulator football manager online that was developed and published by Nordeus a social game network. Launched in May 2010, it is now one of the most popular games on Facebook. You can start playing Top Eleven is free but the chips and money you have to pay real money. And at this point the Top Eleven Cash and Tokens Generator comes ingame. Top Eleven Hack was coded so that people who do not have a large pocket that can force these tokens too. So basically, it is a top eleven cash and tokens online generator.