Monday, 17 June 2013

Twitter and Facebook Spotlight

As more managers started playing Top Eleven, we also gained more support on our official Facebook page, as well as our Twitter page. Keeping in touch with us on these channels doesn’t just show your support for Top Eleven, but also gives you various perks and updates, with chances to win prizes.
The primary role of these channels is to offer a source of information about the game and the game’s status. Aside from highlighting various features from the game you may have not yet discovered, or didn’t fully understand, you will also be informed whenever there are any technical issues. These pages will inform you of server status in case of game-wide problems, as well as when they will be resolved.
Our community team will also share some super secret previews of new features from time to time, giving you a hint of things to come before they’re released. We’ll also inform you of any special offers in the game, bundles and discounts.
Aside from information about the game, you’ll find various trivia and interesting tidbits from football history and current events. Sometimes we’ll even put this knowledge to the test and give you a chance to win various prizes! Our contests give you the chance to win various emblems and jerseys to use in the game. In addition to this, we have weekly “Guess the Ball” competitions on both Twitter and Facebook, where you can win tokens every week.
You can like us on Facebook here, and follow us on Twitter here. Remember that if you are having trouble with the game, you should always contact our Support Team to get assistance. If you need advice and ideas for tactics for Top Eleven, visit our forums, where our dedicated players will give you some excellent advice.
We’d like to use this opportunity to mention that we have another channel in the works! You can expect the official Top Eleven Wiki to be released sometime in the future, where we’ll supply an easy overview of various Top Eleven information and mechanics.

Mourinho Is Now Your Top Eleven Friend

With today’s update, you will notice that Mourinho is now on your friends list in Top Eleven. When the legendary manager became the face of Top Eleven, we mentioned that we will be introducing new ways for him to interact with you. This is the first phase of our implementation. At the moment, you can only view Mourinho’s team in your friends list, as well as his trophies and stadium. With future updates, we intend to add the ability to play friendly matches with him, as well as a few other surprises.
That’s why we suggest you not remove him for now, as once you have removed him as a friend, you can never re-add him again, and you might miss out on all the perks of having Mourinho by your side in the future!

Why Do I Get Unknown Players?

With the start of each new season, there are many questions new players have. One of the most frequent ones by far is “Where are my players’ stars?” We’ve already explained this in detail, but another mystery for many managers that we haven’t talked about yet are the new unknown players you receive automatically.
At the end of each season, you will likely have players whose contracts have expired. These players will be transparent on the field and have a special contract icon when you enter the “Squad” screen. This indicates that they won’t be able to play for you or train until you’ve renewed their contract within the given time limit.
Since this might leave you with less players than your required minimum (14 players), the game will automatically fill your team with free players. These are usually players who are 32 to 34 years old and who will only play for one season for you, after which they will retire. They will be slightly above average in skill, with only a 2 or 3 star quality. That means you shouldn’t rely on them too much if you want to be at your best.
These stand-ins cannot be sold on the market or have their contract last longer until the end of the season. However, you can sack them for cash right away. In case you renew the contracts of your players who had them expire, you still get to keep the free players.
Another related word of advice is that you pay attention to the age of the players you want to buy on auctions. If the player is older than 30, there’s a chance that he might be available for only one season after you buy him. Take into consideration whether you’re fine with that if it’s still a good player or you need a temporary solution. If you’re looking for long-term team members, then the younger, the better!

Build Stadiums with the Ground Update for Mobile Devices

The stadium is your base of operations, letting you build and upgrade various structures that will help you improve your team. With our latest Ground update for iOS (coming very soon to Android as well!) you can now build structures not just on the desktop version of Top Eleven, but the mobile version as well. This article is here to help you get a hang of some of the changes.
By clicking the Stadium icon in the menu, you will enter Ground View, which lets you see your built facilities. To select a building and see how you can upgrade it, just tap on it. To zoom in during ground view, pinch in, or to zoom out, just pinch out. If you would like a clear overview of all your facilities, just pull the arrow image in the upper right corner, or click on it.
By selecting your Stadium on the map, you’ll open the Stadium slide. This will list all the parts of the stadium that you have built, like sprinkles, grass or lighting. By clicking one of them, you’ll see the slide for that specific part of the stadium. You can also change the name of your stadium by clicking the blue button in the Stadium slide.
The Bulldozer icon indicates that a building can be upgraded, while the speed up indicator shows which building is currently being constructed.
Each facility helps you in different ways. Medical care will generate Treatments on a daily basis, while building a parking will increase the number of fans that will attend your match (and thus increase revenue per match). As building each facility takes time, planning your building order will affect your performance, so consider it carefully.
There’s quite a bit more to discuss about the whole aspect of stadium building in Top Eleven, but we’ll save that for another time. For now, you can download Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager and enjoy the Ground update on the AppStore, while the Android version of the update is soon to follow!

What Are Special Abilities?

Special abilities

Much like how Lionel Messi’s dribbling or Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty kicks are the stuff of legend, Top Eleven lets you achieve this kind of specialization with its Special Abilities system. By teaching your players a Special Ability, they become more effective when they are able to use it.
How this works is quite simple: when you enter the Squad menu in the game, click on a player without a Special Ability and click the blue “+” icon where it says “No Special Ability”. You will be given a choice of various specializations, which depend on your player’s role. After you have selected one, the player will start “learning” the ability. To master an ability and be able to use it, you’ll need to invest 50 or 40 skill points in the Special Ability alone.
However, you don’t need to spend all points at once, nor do you need to spend all your skill points exclusively on learning a Special Ability when a player begins his special training. You can decide to spend points on any other aspect in the meantime. This might be a good decision if you’d like to teach your player a Special Ability, but also want to increase their other stats, so you can manage skill point allocation without neglecting any aspect of your player’s training.
There are eleven Special Abilities total, ranging from dribbling to free kicks and even “penalty kick stopper” for goalkeepers. Whenever a specialized player has the opportunity to use his ability, he’ll perform exceedingly well thanks to his focused training.
If you like personalizing your team not just with jerseys or formations, but also building a team recognizable by their skills, Special Abilities add another layer of customization. How and whether you use them is another key decision you’ll make on your road to becoming a Professional Top Eleven Football Manager.

Top Eleven gets to the Facebook’s 20 most played games list!

Nordeus’s Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager is making a steady climb towards the very top of the Facebook’s most played games list according to the number of DAU.  We’re currently at the 20th position,  and aiming for the Top 10 place!  Thank you all for supporting us by playing Top Eleven!
Stay tuned in for more exciting news and make sure to keep managing your football team!

Top Eleven in top 20 Facebook games

Facebookless login for mobile users

This should be great news for all who wanted to play Top Eleven on their mobile devices, but don’t have a Facebook account or don’t want to give permissions for their personal information.
The gameplay is completely the same for the players who are logging in the game through Facebook and for the players who aren’t.
The only difference between these two ways of logging is that facebookless users can’t see their Facebook friends in the list, which means they are unable to play friendlies with them.
If you have an Android or iPhone device, don’t waste time, install the app and take your team with you!
Facebookless login for mobile users

Top Eleven Cheats and Hacks

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top eleven hacks

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