Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Top Eleven Game Tips

Top Eleven is the latest iPhone/iPad soccer management game by Nordeus, which you can create your own soccer team and lead them to championship. You will be playing against real players around the world for 1 motive - to win the Cups!

Top Eleven has colourful graphics which are attractive, and game play is simple. Any football fans who who's interested in the PC game Championship Manager will definitely like this game. So far I've been playing for 3 months and it still attract me to log in daily to check the status on my team.

Top Eleven Registration

This iphone soccer management game requires you to register with your Facebook account. It's convenient, and once you've sync with your Facebook, you can use any smartphone and play, which it's a common registration method for iphone games nowadays.

After registration, you'll have to name your soccer team. This name will follow you throughout the career, so choose your name wisely. You'll have to choose the type of soccer jersey thereafter. Although you can purchase more attractive jerseys with Tokens (which you can earn 1/day, or buy with real money), I strongly suggest you don't waste your tokens here. There are many more things you can do with your precious tokens.

Once you've registered your team, you are ready to start!

Top Eleven Tip 1: Select Your Players

The first thing you should do is to set up your team. At the main screen, go to the Squad Tab as follow:

From Squad, you can see the players you have. If you just start, your players will of course be the lousiest. You have to form your squad of 11 players to start playing. I usually look at the "stars" or quality of the players. The more stars the better.

Just click on a player and drag him up/down to replace another player. Remember to click save at bottom right hand corner. I tend to forget and have to redo everything again.

Top Eleven Tip 2: Choose Your Formations

After selecting your players, just swipe left to the next screen - formation. This is where you can place your players. Take note, if there's an exclamation mark, it means that the player is position wrongly. You can reposition the player by holding on to the player and drag him to the position he's trained to play.

I try to play a 4-4-2 formation. But if my players are tired or injured, I'll find the next best player and position him in the area he's trained to optimize his skill. Remember to check the health of your players regularly. If they fall below 50%, you better rest him to prevent injury. This is my current formation.

Top Eleven Tip 3: Choose Your Orders

I used to neglect this part as I did not know what to do, until I found that there were many commands available. This screen is where you can select your Penalty Kick Takers, Free Kick Takers, Corner Kick Takers, Captain and Auto Sub.

If your players have special skills such as free kick specialist, you can choose him as the number 1 option. I will choose my LM (left midfield) to take left corner kick, and RM (right midfield) for right corner kick. I'll assign my strikers for my first 2 penalty kick takers and the highest stars for my captain. As for auto subs, I do not assign anything to it as I do not know who's injured, or tired. I'll rather do it manually while watching the match.

Once all these are done, your team is ready. You are placed in the lowest league with another 13 players. This game will last 1 month and if you are Top 7 in your league, you'll be promoted as level 2 manager. I find this game simple and fast. It just required me around 10 mins of my time daily to manage my team and the game can go on itself.